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Are You Going to The Next Level?

Enrollment only open ONCE A YEAR, closes May 19th!

When you enrolled in The Neuroencoding Institute, we promised you:

APPLIED knowledge
SPECIFIC tools, and

These are the things you need in order to succeed as a high performance coach, mentor, and presenter/speaker, and they are ALL part of your certification at the Institute.

You achieve this through your access to:


  • world-class live instruction every week, 

  • a supportive, diverse and thriving community, 

  • hundreds of hours of recorded teachings, and 

  • countless resources and tools

You are equipped to build a practice to be proud of, and you should celebrate your magnificent self for that! After all, we champion celebration at The Neuroencoding Institute, and encourage you to take pride in what you’ve accomplished.


We also encourage you to step up and embrace our shared value of GROWTH right now and take your Neuroencoding Institute Certification to:


Enrollment only open ONCE A YEAR, closes May 19th!


Here’s what I know about you: You’re a lot like me. You’re hungry for more growth, deeper service, and bigger impact, AND you succeed better when you’re immersed in an environment with like minded individuals. In other words, you are always looking to take it to:


The Neuroencoding Institute is on a mission to keep supplying YOU with opportunities for professional development, access to new tools and skill sets, and more proximity and access to myself and our instructors. That’s EXACTLY why I created The Next Level specifically with your expanded growth in mind!

What's Included In:


12-Month Access to TWO Neuroencoding Elite-Level Expansion Tracks


New Teachings & Support:

Expanded Content, Instruction, and Application of the Neuroencoding Method of Coaching (Valued at $1997)

✔  Get the edge for your coaching practice and client work with expanded content on the Method of Coaching.

✔  Method of Coaching Expanded Content will be taught LIVE by Veenu Keller in eight modules over the course of 16 weeks (alternating weeks) with opportunities for Q&A and practice with partners. 

✔  Dive deeper into the exact tools, systems and skills you need to take your professional coaching business to The Next Level with exclusive access to contract and insurance templates.

✔  Learn how to elevate client results by growing your ability to build trust and rapport, clarify what your client wants, position yourself as the guide (and your client as the hero), ask quality questions, and much more.

✔  Get access to NEW coaching resources including:

  • Coaching Agreements 

  • Coaching Business Plan Template 

  • 30 Day Blueprint: How to Launch Your Coaching Business


Expanded Content, Instruction, and Application of the Neuroencoding Method of Presentation (Valued at $1997)

✔  Take your presentation skills to The Next Level with more in-depth, dynamic mentorship around the Neuroencoding Method of Presentation. 

✔  Method of Presentation Expanded Content will be live-taught by Neuroencoding Institute Instructor Dr. Stephen Crawford in 8 modules, over the course of 16 weeks (alternating weeks) with each session providing opportunity for Q&A, and practice with partners. 

✔  Craft your unique personal stories and build your Speaker identity.

✔  Learn under the mentorship of Dr. Stephen Crawford to apply each aspect of JM3’s teachings to your presentations and interactions as you truly take your communication and connection skills to The Next Level.

✔  Get access to NEW speaking resources including:

  • Customizable, Neuroencoding branded speaking proposal template

  • Customizable, Neuroencoding branded one sheet media kit template

  • Bio worksheet

  • Teaching and speaking brochure template

  • Reverse engineering for business worksheet and instructional teaching 

  • How to ask for what you want and get booked

  • How to negotiate your contract


12 Months of Upgraded Live Instructional Package with Founder, Joseph McClendon III, and Lead Instructors Dr. Stephen Crawford and Veenu Keller (Valued at $9,997)

 Get personalized guidance with expanded, small group, live instructional teachings. 

✔  Access a new, exclusive teaching with Founder, Joseph McClendon III, and Lead Instructors, Dr. Stephen Crawford and Veenu Keller each week.

✔  Deepen your connection and proximity with Joseph, your Instructor Team, and your fellow Elite Specialists who are on The Next Level.


8-week Implementation Accountability Partner Program (Valued at $1,497)

 Go further faster with the Neuroencoding Institute’s new accountability partnership program.

✔  Get invaluable hands-on experience and refine your skill set as you learn with an official accountability partner to practice with and learn from.

✔  Neuroencode yourself with the new material, and hone in on the content and teaching. 

Note: If you choose to join The Next Level, but do not want an accountability partner, you will be randomly assigned a partner during activities that require another Specialist for practice, or will have the option to do it on your own.


The Next Level is a BRAND NEW tier for those looking to be part of the most elite specialists within the Neuroencoding Institute. This certification level focuses on application and implementation of The Neuroencoding methods and includes members-only certification tools, live mentorship opportunities, and licensed-to-teach content. Plus you’ll get a front row seat to Joseph’s newest, and never-before-seen teaching and tools! 


Enrollment only open ONCE A YEAR, closes May 19th!

TWO Licenses for BRAND NEW Content from Joseph Including:

Redirecting Runaway Emotions: Your Personal Stress Management System. LIVE TAUGHT WITH JOSEPH himself!  (Valued at $4497)

✔  In this LIVE program, Joseph will teach you how to save yourself and your clients from letting stress drive you to poor physical and mental well-being. With over 70% of the population in America and the United Kingdom reporting stress as a major factor hindering their mental and physical health, there has never been more of a need for this skill set!

✔  Curriculum will be LIVE-taught in a 7-week program that you will be licensed-to-teach.

✔  Within each 75-minute session with JM3, you will learn the Neuroencoding Institute’s Next Level stress management system designed to equip you and your clients with the tools and processes needed to catch and combat runaway emotions like anxiety and depression before they require professional medical intervention. 

✔  Get the rare opportunity to learn this content live with JM3, as well as have the opportunity for LIVE Q&A with him.  


Licensure to deliver the Magnificent Life Challenge, Customizable to your audience/needs. (Valued at $1997)

✔  JM3 has attracted tens of thousands of participants to his Magnificent Life Challenge, which is full of dynamite, life-changing, Neuroencoding content that will be available to YOU to teach with this license.

✔  Reach a wider audience and gain new coaching clients with the exclusive rights to teach Joseph’s famous Magnificent Life Challenge as a one-day workshop/presentation, a challenge over four days (like Joseph does), or as a 4 week series/class where you will guide your audience to reshape their psychology, understand human physics, control their thoughts, behavior and emotion, heal generational wounds, and use their natural human electric energy to create magnetism.


Enrollment only open ONCE A YEAR, closes May 19th!




Amplifier Marketing Guide To Support Your Areas of Focus (Valued at $99)

✔  Whether you’re focusing on Depressive thoughts, Anxious emotions, or overall Mental Health this guide will help you find just what you need. This is a curated list to help you promote your Next Level Programs within the marketing software of Amplifier.


Access to the Neuroencoding Institute’s Business Building Toolbox (Valued at $1997)

✔  Get access to a new treasure trove of business building resources, each accompanied by videos created by your Neuroencoding Institute Instructor Team and Co-Founders sharing the step-by-step process of how you can utilize each resource for maximum success.

The Neuroencoding Institute’s Business Building Toolbox includes:


  • Discovery Form

  • Speaking Proposal Template

  • One Sheet Media Kit Template

  • Bio Worksheet 

  • (Speaking Brochure Template) and customization instructional teaching (Canva demo) 

  • Reverse Engineering Instructional Teaching & Worksheet

  • Get Booked Teaching & Worksheet 

  • Negotiate Your Contract Instructional Teaching & Worksheet

  • Start A Podcast Roadmap & Instructional Teaching

  • And more to be added throughout the summer!


The opportunity to be taught all of the new content LIVE! (PRICELESS!)

✔  Exclusive to the founding cohort of The Next Level program, you will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn this content LIVE. Help shape the proprietary Neuroencoding Institute content as your Founder, Joseph McClendon III, and his Lead Instructors, Veenu Keller and Dr. Stephen Crawford, carefully deliver these comprehensive curriculums, using The Neuroencoding Institute methods, philosophies, videos, and training. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance!

PLUS you’ll have continued support of weekly mentoring and teaching calls with the NEI instructor team, a monthly teaching call with JM3, and continued access to the Base Level content you already know and love!

So to recap you get:


That’s over $24,000 in value, and you can have it for just a fraction of that cost. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in YOUR business as a Neuroencoding Specialist, join The Next Level TODAY!

Enrollment only open ONCE A YEAR, closes May 19th!

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