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Meet the Founder of The Neuroencoding Institute: What is Neuroencoding™?

Neuroencoding™ is the culmination of Joseph McClendon III's 35+ years of experience and body of work. Now is the time to step up, be BOLD, and make your life magnificent. You were born for this, and I was born to guide you. The world needs more people like you and me, working to make a difference in their own lives, and the lives of others. I look forward to welcoming you to The Neuroencoding Institute diverse community.

35+ years

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Marquelle Brown
"This is really been life-changing game tools and we build upon those and with is the coaching calls that we have. There’s so much value just in that for personal growth and development for not only myself but also for those that I’m coaching if we have questions with clients that we’re already working with we can take those to his coaching meetings him or able to be able to get answers and fine-tune the skills that we already have to help guide our clients to be able to go further faster."
Marquelle Brown
/ Nutritionist / Brain Health Licensed Trainer
Tonya Loving Collins
"The one differentiator with this program is the fact that they actually put your feet in the fire, they hold you accountable - there’s all kinds of systems in place to help you succeed."
Tonya Loving Collins
/ Author / Speaker / Growth Coach
Arron Lloyd
"If you want to impact the world then this is the place to go, JM3 is phenomenal. The group, the team, you are all phenomenal. If you want to go further faster and be around good, authentic people, then this is the place you need to be."
Arron Lloyd
/ Actor / Audition Trackers Founder


How The Neuroencoding Institute Helps You Create Freedom For Yourself And Others