The Next Level 2024-2025 – Exclusive Re-Opening

The Next Level 2024-2025 – Exclusive Re-Opening

Exclusive Re-Opening Opportunity

Are you ready to go to the Next Level?
This re-opening opportunity is open only to those who participated in the 21 Days to Certify Challenge. Enrollment closes on Monday, June 3rd at 11:59pm PT.

Use code JOIN100 for $100 off enrollment!

Here's what you need to know...

As a Certified Neuroencoding Specialist, you’ve been delivered
the foundations of Neuroencoding through three primary avenues:
APPLIED knowledge


Each of these components help you succeed and ALL are part of your LIFETIME access with the Neuroencoding Institute! You’ll always have a resourced and active core certification level where all Neuroencoding Specialists belong.

While that would be satisfactory for most, many of you continue to ask for more!! MORE content, MORE support and MORE accountability. That’s why we’re proud to announce that our once-a-year elite track is now open for enrollment and renewal! 

The Next Level is an advanced membership tier for those looking to be among the most Elite specialists committed to staying on the cutting edge within the Neuroencoding Institute. This certification level focuses on application, implementation, and deepening of The Neuroencoding Methods and includes annually renewable, 12-month access to new certification tools and courses that are upgraded each year, live mentorship opportunities, and licensed-to-teach content. 

When you join The Next Level as a NEW MEMBER, you will receive access to trainings, resources, and licensed to teach content in each of these areas:

When you renew your Next Level membership, you are committing to maintain your certification by continuing your education toward your professional development. Maintaining a certification demonstrates to clients and colleagues that you are committed to your profession and have achieved a certain level of expertise. It can also provide assurance to anyone who wants to work with you that you meet certain standards of quality and competence. 

A Note on Certification Maintenance | As a renewing member, you must complete (and pass!) the following to maintain your Elite Status:

  • Coaching Practical Submission

  • At least 1 Speaking Arena Session