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More About Joseph McClendon III


Joseph McClendon III, trained Neuropsychologist, Neuroencoding Institute Founder, Speaker and Author, who’s magnificently passionate about helping beautiful souls like you go further faster, and achieve ALL your deepest desires.

As a high performance mentor, Joseph has coached Academy Award winning actors, Olympic athletes, Fortune 100 CEOs and even royalty. What keeps his clients coming back is my ability to create rapid personal change that effectively moves people to

take more consistent action with their personal and business achievements. Do you want to do that? He has become one of the most sought after Ultimate Performance Specialists in the world using a method I’ve created called Neuroencoding™, and he’d love to teach it to you.

These skills are at the core of what he teaches my students at the Neuroencoding Institute, and they have been key to building my own business as a high-performance speaker, mentor, and coach who’s had the privilege of teaching over 5 MILLION people how to train their brain to default a state where they magnetize more of what they want into their lives, and suffer less.

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Donnalie Cabey

Neuroencoding Specialist

Thank you so much for the Neuroencoding Institute. It is now the frame from which I do my work as a trainer, a speaker, a mindset coach, and the presentation & ILASA model is how I frame all my presentations now. I have found the content to be rich and very deep and it has transformed me, as well as my clients. I’ve introduced both licensed programs, Program Your Life & Reboot Your Brain, into my coaching, and I’ve gotten paid for this! One of my clients stated that the Reboot Your Brain training was the missing link he’d been missing all of his life! The way I look at things, the way I coach, how i do my trainings, all of that has been transformed in the last 6 months through the Neuroencoding institute!
Donnalie Cabey
/ Neuroencoding Specialist
David Johnston

Neuroencoding Specialist

I'm so happy and grateful to be a part of this. I Look back to where I was a year or two years ago, and you just can't script it!
David Johnston
/ Neuroencoding Specialist
Tennessee Testimonial

Neuroencoding Specialist

The Neuroencoding Institute has changed my life. Not only using the techniques to help me move forward in my life & getting unstuck from where I was, but also has allowed me to find my purpose, help so many other women on their journey, find they’re meant for more, to get unstuck, to get rid of all that negative self-talk that have been keeping them prisoned their whole life. That’s what the Neuroencoding Institute is, it changed my life & it will change yours too!
Tennessee Noronha
/ Neuroencoding Specialist

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