Rare Roundtable Series with Joseph McClendon III and Les Brown

Rare Roundtable Series with Joseph McClendon III and Les Brown

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Imagine sitting at the table with the world’s leading Neuropsychologist & Performance Specialist Joseph McClendon III, whose client list includes Academy award winning celebrities, Olympic athletes, Broadway stars, and Fortune 100 CEOs.

Let’s turn things up a notch, because seated next to you is  ALSO hall of fame speaker, best selling author, and world famous motivator Les Brown, AND you get the chance to hear them answer some of the BIGGEST questions on your mind. 

Well, it’s not something you have to imagine any longer because Joseph and Les have a seat for YOU, and you DON’T PAY A PENNY  to take it.

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What's On The Menu?

💡Exclusive Insights: Get up-close and personal with JM3 & Les Brown as they share their secrets to success, perseverance, and fulfillment.

🎯Actionable Strategies: Learn proven techniques for achieving and exceeding your personal and professional objectives, and learn from Les Brown where hunger and drive truly come from.

⭐️Elite Coaching: Experience the swell of driving force that comes from two powerhouses coming together to share wisdom and systematic methods  with passion.

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If you've ever wanted a seat at the table where the greats converse, this is it. This is more than just a passive watch; it's an engaging, life-altering dialogue with mentors who have walked the path and transformed millions upon millions of lives.

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