Magnetic Megapreneur

Magnetic Megapreneur

Joseph McClendon III and the Neuroencoding Institute present:

After 30 years of working with some of the most
successful people on the planet...

Outside of the incredible opportunity that I’ve had to lead a few million people through seminars with Tony Robbins and others, I’ve also shared stage with amazing men and women like, Les Brown, Pitbull, Jennifer Hudson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Daymond John, Richard Branson, and Nicole Scherzinger. But more importantly, I’ve been privy to conversations of how the most successful people on the planet think and behave. 

And the bottom line is that as Napoleon Hill said almost 100 years ago… “the most successful people understand how to use the laws of magnetism to create wealth, fame and fortune.”  They don’t all call it “the Law of Attraction.” They don’t all call it “The Secret.” But, they know how to manage their emotions, thoughts and spirit to impact themselves and the world around them…  

Learn how to master the emotional mechanics, and how to put your spirit to work for you in creating your dream life in the physical world

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Here’s what we will be doing together: 

1.  Procrastination, hesitation, uncertainty and fear of failure and success are the thieves of our dreams. We’re going to work on you emotionally because none of this means anything until you CLEAR the old patterns of scarcity and poverty that are holding you back and FREE YOURSELF EMOTIONALLY to condition this new way of thinking and make it a habit in your life, not just an awareness. It’s critical to get this right so you can get the life of your dreams. 

2. Bring me your worst nightmare… The Magnetic Megapreneur system is based on the 60-20-20 Rule - 60% psychology 20% energy and 20% magnetism. We are electromagnetic beings - you can attract everything you want, but if that thing that you're attracting isn't attracted to you, or if your psychology is screwed up, you'll push it away. I’ll teach you the principles that I've used for the last 30 years of my life, to create everything from the income I wanted, to the life that I look forward to, to the home that I dreamed up, to an appearance on a national show where I won a custom-made motorcycle. You’ll get the inside secrets of some of the greatest speakers, authors, coaches, and leaders that I have had the good fortune of spending time with over the last 30 years of my life.

3. We’ll dive into the art and science of the mechanics of magnetism itself. You’ll learn specific actions so that what shows up in your life is more money or sales or success or your soulmate. We start with the basics, then we move to the advanced skills. We want to get this built early in the process, so you can attract anything before the program is up. 

4. Once you get rid of some old patterns that don't serve you anymore, it leaves a vacuum. We've got to instill and install a new magnetic success personality within you, an identity within.  Because energy is the ultimate capital of success, any successful entrepreneur will tell you they are up early and they're at it late. They have boundless energy all day long. If you barely have the physical energy to get out of bed in the morning, I’ll help you be the lean, mean manifesting machine you are destined to become. We’ll go over some easy ways to have the physical vitality and energy you need so your body can handle the new, higher vibration of your thoughts and emotions. With just one unique habit, you can create new results in your life and your business by 200-300%

5. Once we've got your brand new Attraction Skills in'll want to multiply the number of major results you get every week and every month! So, we'll finish up with creating the ultimate Magnetic Execution Plan for your year. This will help you manage the tasks, activities, and new habits that you’ve installed throughout the program…what you can do monthly, weekly, and daily to put this into action. 

6. And finally, I'm going to show you some secrets I've learned from world leaders on how you can use these skills to actually execute in your business. 

This is not your normal law of attraction course. This is attraction in action. I’ve been perfecting this process for years, and we have it down to a science now.

Any one of these things can shift your life not by millimeters but by miles. And in my experience ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as a BIG opportunity for you we'll be spend more time on that one with you. 

I’m ready to get started right away and I’m inviting YOU to join the Magnetic Megapreneur Team. 

Here's how it will work... 

Each week, we'll focus on one of the Magnetic Megapreneur Strategies with a video training. There will also be a members-only Facebook group for you to interact with daily. I spend a lot of time in that Facebook group, so I will see how you implement and make changes in your life!

We’re going to be working closely together, so I’d like you to be sure you have some time to dedicate to this over the next couple of months. 

Then, we will get you started with the welcome information and everything you need to get the most out of the program.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the next group session.

Make your life magnificent! 


Who is Joseph McClendon?

Joseph McClendon III is a Doctor of Neuropsychology, co-founder of The Neuroencoding Institute, and one of the most sought after Ultimate Performance Specialists in the industry. His unique brand of Tell, Show, Do teaching and coaching creates rapid personal change that effectively moves people like you to take more consistent action and go Further Faster with your personal and business achievements.

Joseph has delivered hundreds of workshops, coaching sessions, keynote addresses, seminars and training programs, and one-on-one therapeutic interventions and has presented to well over 5 million people around the globe. His genuine care for the people he coaches coupled with his remarkable ability to go straight to the core of the challenge and effect rapid change makes Joseph a unique commodity in business, health and wellness, and personal improvement.

Joseph is one of the most passionate and playful guys I’ve ever met. This is a guy that applies every tool imaginable to improve his live and help other people. Over our twenty five years of being able to work together. He is the guy that I hand the ball to in some really key places. So pick it up and delight yourself with the insights of Joseph McClendon III.
Tony Robbins
I have attended many events where I felt uncomfortable as a Black woman but once seeing Joseph I felt connected empowered. Joseph has the cutting edge on how to get you out of your head and Into your life. Thank you for Growing.. Learning and leading.. you have made a huge contribution to Who I am and what I believe as a woman… so must say thank you.
Stormy Wellington
It is impossible to walk away from and experience with this man without having been deeply impacted to the point that you will take action and create major results. Simply amazing.
Michelle Sorro
"Extra” TV Host

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