Do YOU want to do what I do?

Joseph McClendon III here, Neuroencoding Institute Founder and ultimate performance specialist. There’s more to know about me too, but first I want to talk about YOU, and–more specifically–how you can do what I do.


After 30+ years of speaking on world-renown stages in the Personal Growth Industry, and coaching thousands of spectacular people (including celebrities, famous athletes, and even royalty), I can tell you with certainty that THIS is my most frequently asked question:

How do I do what YOU do?

At my Do What I Do hour, that’s exactly what I plan to teach YOU.


But first, answer me this:

Are you a coach or a mentor? 

Let me explain why the difference is so significant. 


A mentor is someone who has a level of expertise and experience that is beyond the person they are teaching. 


A coach, on the other hand, is someone who has a level of expertise in something, but they are not always better at the thing they are teaching somebody to do, and do not necessarily have experience in it.


You become a mentor by sharing your life experience and telling your life story to influence and empower other people.


A coach inspires and, while inspiration is great, influence and empowerment are even better. 


Inspiration means you feel good in that moment for that moment. On the other hand, influence means you are impacted into doing something, and engaging in some kind of activity. To be empowered means you have your own internal pull, you don’t rely upon anything else, it’s something inside of you. Drive is great, but inner pull is better. 


Think about it. Would you rather be dragged, kicking and screaming from your past or genuinely pulled into the future by your own needs and desires?


How many times have you said something like this?

I wish I could do more to help humanity.


I wish I could make my passion my profession. 


I wish I could grow my business, and connect with like-minded, successful people while I do it.


I wish I could transform my pain into purpose. 


I wish I could double my business practice and create 10X more impact.

If ANY of these statements sounds like something you’ve thought to yourself recently, you simply MUST attend my Do What I Do hour. Keep scrolling for more info, or simply:


At the risk of sounding arrogant, I know exactly how to grant you ALL your wishes and help make your dreams and aspirations come to fruition. 


Let’s put it this way. I’ve never won a gold medal, but I’ve mentored hundreds of athletes who’ve won gold medals. I’ve never won an Oscar, but I’ve mentored several Academy Award winning actors.


And I’m here as living proof that YOU can do it too. 


Now, I’ll return to the question I asked you earlier.

Do YOU want to do what I do?

If so, my spectacular Instructor Team and I are here to mentor you. 

Mark your calendar for my FREE, virtual webinar on Thursday, January 20th,7pm ET / 4pm PT now and get ready for a power-packed hour where I will show you, step-by-step, how YOU can do what I do.


Here’s what you’ll unlock by registering for my Do What I Do hour:


  • Exclusive access to the step-by-step of the exact, proven process that’s empowered me to transform my life from being homeless in the streets to speaking on the biggest stages in ultimate performance history.

  • Insider information on the cutting-edge Neuroencoding Institute techniques and exercises designed to program yourself, your clients, and anyone else for happiness and success.

  • NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN training to defeat hesitation, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome.

  • The step-by-step system to default to your best self, and highest level of energy, AUTOMATICALLY.

  • A MAGNIFICENT virtual experience created to help you access everlasting breakthroughs in your health, happiness, career, and finances.

More About Joseph McClendon III

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Joseph McClendon III has a Doctorate in Neuropsychology and is one of the most sought after Ultimate Performance Specialists in the industry. Having coached Academy Award winning actors, Olympic athletes, Fortune 100 CEOs and even royalty, Joseph has perfected the ability to create rapid personal change that effectively moves people to take more consistent action with their personal and business achievements. Now he teaches these same methods to students of the Neuroencoding Institute, and equips them to become Neuroencoding Specialists through the Neuroencoding certification and licensed programs.


Joseph is formally trained with a Ph.D in neuropsychology, holds over a dozen certifications in the neurosciences arena, and taught at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) for years. He is frequently called upon to lecture at other higher learning institutions like Harvard University and many Fortune 500 companies in the United States as well as across Europe and Australia.

Joseph has delivered hundreds of workshops, coaching sessions, keynote addresses, seminars and training programs, and one-on-one therapeutic interventions and has presented live to over 5 million people around the globe.

His remarkable ability to go straight to the core of the challenge and effect rapid change makes him a unique commodity in business, health and wellness, and personal improvement.

At his core, Joseph is an expert in coaching business professionals to overcome behaviors and inner and outer obstacles that may impede their results and affect their bottom line-and now, for the first time ever, he’s licensing and certifying others to do the same-using his proprietary methodology and programs!


When Joseph is not traveling and presenting, he lives in Newport Beach, CA with his son and dog, and enjoys making music and gardening. Follow JM3 on Instagram for daily teachings, funny videos, and motivational insights.


Joseph with his business partner, co-author, and dear friend: Tony Robbins


Joseph with his coaching client, academy award winning actor, Forrest Whittaker

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Now What?

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